Comfortable Soft Quality

Our premium hammocks are made exclusively from the finest organic cotton. Apart from the unsurpassed quality and purity of the raw material, organic cotton provides a healthy, honest and sustainable work environment.
We want you to relax – or sleep – in the most comfortable and durable organic cotton hammock. That’s why we make no concessions in the quality of the fabric. The organic cotton we use for our hammocks is 460 or 320gr/m2 (GSM) which is more than double the quality of average hammocks. Also, the solid rope supports, as opposed to the tubular rope supports that other manufacturers use and finishing are also to the highest standard.

Ecomundy hammocks will maintain their luxurious comfort and softness over many years, even through repeated machine washing.


Organic cotton is good but GOTS is even better. GOTS is more than just using organic cotton, it controls the entire process, from the production of organic cotton to the spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and transportation to the point of sale, compliance with social norms is carefully examined at all stages. You can identify a GOTS approved hammock by the GOTS label attached to the hammock. All Ecomundy hammocks are GOTS-certified.


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